Thursday, April 20, 2006

Another French Quarter Festival!
Had a great time. Davey enjoyed the music more this year and I caught him dancing a couple of times. He and his Poppy had a good time. They took long walks together while Mommy, Tia S, and Lou gambled in the Casino. Davey & I took an adventure and rode the streetcar all the way down Canal street. We saw lots of devistation from the Hurricane. It was really amazing, one house would be perfectly fine and the one next to it would be off it's foundation. Davey was impressed of course with the train. He was very interested in the electric wire that connected to the car. He kept looking out the window, making sure it was still there! We had a good time and the only thing that kept him from being sad about leaving his Lou and Poppy was the plane ride! Can't wait till next year.