Wednesday, December 27, 2006

More Performance

Anouncing.....MR. JOHNNY CASH

If you were in the crowd that fateful evening, you knew from the moment he stepped on stage with that guitar...a star was born. As Davey's Grandma says, "there will never be another present to rival this one!". Davey- oh excuse me, Mr. Cash rocked the living room in Ocala, Florida and after completing his performance- took a complimentary bow and said "thank you bery much"! When I tell people that my child likes Johnny Cash, I think they misunderstand that the child has copied the moves, the motions, the mouth movement and every aspect of Johnny Cash (aka Joaquin Phoenix). He gave several other performances after the inital but he seemed more focused on the microphone and getting the words right. He is an intense little man and brought the crowd to tears with laughter and amazement, and his Mommy has never been more proud!

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Ready for Christmas?

Because Davey & My schedules have been packed from am to pm lately, it was a relaxing Sunday that we spent first at Babies R Us for pictures, and then to ride the train at the local mall b/c he was such a good boy at the photo shoot. ( I could think of worse rewards!) We enjoyed a yummy lunch and some down time with each other before the hectic employee Christmas Party to take place at our house that night. I love to watch Davey when he is so excited about something. He stutters, gets ants in the pants, all the while with an ear to ear smile.

He seems interested in "this Santa guy", as he calls him. Fact 1: He tries to maneuver around in his seat on the train to catch glimses of him at the mall. Fact 2: He likes that he has a good repore with 8 flying reindeer, and Rudolph. Fact 3: He knows he brings gifts, and he asked me in Babies R Us if all little boys got presents or just him? When I explained that Santa brings gifts to happy and good children, he told me I wouldn't be getting anything b/c I was a Mommy! Fact 4: We went to Kim & Cole's house and Cole had recieved one of his "Santa gifts" early b/c they are going out of town, and the standing toy Kitchen was not going along for the ride. Davey told me later that Cole must have been "bery goood" to get a big present from Santa before Christmas. I told him yes, Cole was good this year too.

We're off to Florida for Christmas! Happy Holidays!

Saturday, December 09, 2006

Davey's Train ride in Knoxville

When I tell you my child can spot a train miles away, I wasn't exaggarting. His talent has become so good, he can now find trains in other states!

We headed to Knoxville to spend time with friends and family and on a trip to Knoxville Center, Davey & his Poppy came upon a train. I loved watching my Father wave at him as he passed us each time and Davey couldn't have been more thrilled to have an audience for his short journey aboard the railway!

We also spent time with our good friends, Nicole and Miles- even though there are no pictures to show for it? (where were our cameras?) But they played well together and I think Davey enjoyed being the older kid. He told me liked "showing Miles how to play", as if he wouldn't know how!
For everybody we did not get to see, we'll be back in January.

Saturday, December 02, 2006

The Santa Experience

We also visited Santa this week. Davey, like myself, thinks a man with white hair and a white beard are kinda scary! Goal #1- no CRYING!
Goal Accomplished. I told Davey he would have to tell Santa himself if he wanted his Thomas Trains this year. Actually, Mommy did most of the prompting and talking to Santa when it came down to the wire, however, when Davey had procured his distance, he yelled to Santa that he wanted a "Johnny Cash guitar".
Santa nodded and waved and Davey ran!
A definate love/scared relationship. HO HO HO

Friday, December 01, 2006

O Christmas Tree

Shopping for a Christmas tree has become a "big" tradition for Davey & I. We search the lot for the perfect tree. Davey always chooses the tallest tree, and I always search for the "Charlie Brown Tree" that is within price range and no damaged limbs. Actually, I think Davey just enjoys running thru the trees- and of course the ever-flowing hot cider and fire pit draw all children in!
After a long hour of comparing trees, talking with the "tree dudes" and spilling much cider we choose a tree that was not too big and perfect for our house. "Tie it to de roof ove de car" says Davey!