Saturday, March 28, 2009

It's not just a phase

This is the part of the child-rearing in which the Mom has to say- wait just a minute....
All of a sudden his pants are too short, his shirts are too small, his mouth is forever going, and to be honest... it's going way too fast. I mean one day it's Thomas train and Bob the Builder- the next it's bakugons and Ben 10 alien force!
Maybe as a girl I made a giant switch from Cabbage Patch Kids to Barbies around this age? And don't get me wrong- I'm thrilled with Davey's mental capability, his spirutal growth and physical development (all signs of a healthy, well-adjusted child)- it just seems that my 5 year old is turning into a teen-ager over night.
Lately I hear, "I know Mom, I know." Well if you knew, then why did I even have to say it?
OH OH, yeah, and when did I become MOM? I thought I would be MOMMY forever. I'm just telling you ladies out there with small boys... I'm entering a whole new zone of raising a man. Time to plan, do, check, and adjust.

Saturday, March 07, 2009

A Tournament Champion

Davey's Basketball season now comes to an end. His team not only won the tournament- they also won best in the
5 & 6 year old division, and undefeated in the league. Davey was awesome on defense. His coaches gave him the best improved player and he even got his first foul today! He seemed to really like basketball (much more than soccer or tee-ball) and has already asked to play it again next year.
For now we will bask in the glow of the winning season, and start setting our sites on martial arts!! WAY TO GO DUKE!