Sunday, January 28, 2007

Happy Birthday, Cade- CHOO CHOO!

On Saturday we helped Davey's friend Cade celebrate his 4th big boy birthday. The party was at the Southeast Railroad museum in Duluth, Georgia and Davey had a blast. They were able to hop aboard old coaches and engines and Davey was in his element. He talked with an old-timer engineer about his trains and how his trains "couple-up" with the engines. The old man just smiled and told me that I had a smart one and a future engineer! We had a great day and Davey enjoyed his friend's party!

Roller Skating Boy!

A favorite activity of Mommy's childhood is now a must for Davey's. Mesmerized is the word for our fun Friday night activity. The little-bitty skates were too cute- but the actual skating part was harder than we thought! He loved it and loved his Aunt Tracy being there to help him up when he fell down- many times. We made it onto the actual floor for about a minutes of actual skating, and Davey tried very hard to keep his balance- but got frustrated when he couldn't go fast like the other little boys.
I told him the more he practiced- the better he would get- so I see a pair of skates in his future!

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Mr. Cash is still in the building....

So I don't know if we thought the Cash phase would wind down by now, but it's still going strong. No new pics to produce but the music is still a-rockin! Davey has now learned the names of the songs and will now request them by title. He will often ask June (Mommy) to sing with Johnny(himself) and we'll strike up a duet in the car. The guitar goes everywhere he goes. From the backseat a little voice says, "Mommy, can I take my gui-tar in?" It goes in the car, the guitar goes to the Nanny, to the bathroom, and I have to fight him to not take it into the grocery store! I can only imagine the onlookers when they see this little boy with this guitar in his lap and a curled up lip! HA HA But it seems that his best performance is given when Walk the Line is on in the background and he can mimic the scene. I can see acting and singing in his future. I heard him tell a little girl at Nuts N Berries that she needed to come to his house and watch him play with his gui-tar! We'll have to work on that approach!