Monday, February 19, 2007

Birthday a la Davey

So this was Davey's first girl birthday party, and boy was there pink everywhere! My sorority sister from UT has a little girl Aleena who
turned 3 on Sunday. Aleena is all girl, she loves pink and princesses and all that stuff. Davey put on his baking hat and apron and joined the group to ice cupcakes and cookies and then eat cake. I told Stephanie I was glad the party was at 3pm not 5pm- else there may have not been any sleeping. Davey had a blast playing with the other kids and decorating the many, many baked goods. There were take home goodies, cookie cutters and mini rolling pins. TOO CUTE and Davey made some new friends!

Chinese New Year

Chinatown was definitely an adventure for us! Lots of people, different languages, lots of people, interesting foods, did I mention lots of people! The Chinese cultural center could have been 3 times it's size to accomodate the packed house and the fact that we went right at lunch time probably did not help! But Davey stayed by my side and managed to weave through the crowd well. We picked up some cool gifts at the shopping areas and Davey found a hand made oragami dragon(shown above) for $1 that he thought was the coolest ever! I also had his name written out in Chinese characters and the professor at Emory, who was writing, told me that David means, "great vertues"!! Well, what else would it mean! But what a fun and cultural day in Davey's life~

Saturday, February 03, 2007

The train expo

Today we went to a train expo with our friends Kim and Cole. There were hundreds of future train engineers all running around talking trains with their parents and many had that glazed over look of awe. We left right as the nap time drama began to unfold, and hoped to avoid our own. A fun day and another exciting day in the life of my little engineer!