Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Winter Zoo Trip

Is it Spring? Well not quite yet, however we were able to get away on a spring-like day to visit the animals at the zoo! And we were actually able to get in to see the pandas this time. We learned from zoo personnel that Mai-Lan, the baby panda born last year at Zoo Atlanta, is going to be weened from her mom. Pandas in the wild (do they still exist?) get weened and go off to live their own life. The saddest part is that when they meet again in the future, they will not even know that they are related! Talk about short-term memory. Anyway, we had a great Mommy & Davey Day and learned a bunch!

Friday, February 22, 2008

We DON'T get sick!!!

Well at least that is what I tell most people... however, when your child brings the flu home to you, you may not have a choice.
Yes, Davey & I were ill for about 3 days. He recovered much faster than the Mom. But this brings forth the question- "what does one do for 3 days, stranded in your home, alone with your 4 year old?"
Well you play Thomas Train, read, do crafts, sleep, make soup, computer games (blogging required effort) and of course you play Super Hero's. We rented Underdog and Davey danced around the house. Maybe danced is not quite the word... let's call it jump down the stairs, jump off the couch, the kitchen table, and beds. Of course, that was on day 2 1/2 and 3 when we were stir crazy!!!
I am still going to say that we don't get sick, but maybe more like "most of the time".
For all those interested- The protocol to wellness is:
Vitamin C 2000mg too 5000mg daily
Elderberry & Echinacea every 4 hours
Collidal Silver 4 x day
& Zinc lozenges

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

A Day Off

There are definite advantages to having a day off in the middle of the week sometimes, one of them is getting to take Davey to fun weekly things! This week we vistied the Atlanta Children's Museum. We haven't been since he was around 2, but he remembered most of it. It was less crowded and he spent alot more time walking around and checking everything out. We were there for storytime and I have really noticed that even though Davey is not in a school setting everyday, he really does play well with other children. He is very considerate and thoughtful to other's feelings. I love to see that in a young child, especially at the age when it should be about "ME"!
It was a fun day and a great adventure for our "Mommy & Davey Day" of the week!