Thursday, December 27, 2007

Santa and his Vegetarian Reindeer!

Christmas morning (after Santa) is always full of activity and fun for a 4-year old. I don't think Davey moved from that train set for a whole hour. This isn't even all of his train track - just a portion of it with his NEW Thomas car wash!! He had a ton of other gifts under the tree however this was the winner! We had a wonderful time visiting Davey's Great-Grandmother and the rest of our Florida Family- and Davey is starting to really get into the whole season- with the singing of Christmas carols, talking about Santa, and oh yeah "the better be good for goodness sake" part.
On Christmas Eve we headed out to see the Christmas lights and of course listened for sleigh bells. We left Santa some cookies and Davey told me not to forget about the reindeer. "They are vegetarians, Mommy!" Gotta love that healthy upbringing! Merry Christmas!!

Monday, December 17, 2007

The Christmas train rides again!

To busy to busy to blog! That has been our life for the past couple of weeks. On the move, no time to stop- but wait we haven't even been to the Christmas train!! So on Saturday Davey & I made our way to the mall (mental note- never again on a weekend) and did the last of our Christmas shopping and of course rode the train. It was just as fun as Davey remembered and he smiled the whole way around! Wonder if he will be to big to ride it at 18? Happy Holidays!

Monday, December 03, 2007

Christmas time is here!

Because it was super cold here on Turkey Day- it so feels like Christmas time... but can it really be time to pick out the Christmas tree? OK- so maybe a week or two early but Davey's Lou & Poppy were in town and we wanted to share the fun time with them. So we headed to our favorite lot and picked a good size tree. If you will notice from the pictures above Davey was in rare form... Picture A. was before the wild child began rolling down the hill and jumping into dirt piles. (because his life was threatened for a clean picture) Picture B. was afterward and minus the now stained and spotted sweater.
It's a BOY THING! I'm afraid it will only continue to get worse!
We were having a great weekend until the "cursed game" happened and put everyone in a sour mood. Lou & Poppy drove back to Knoxville that evening along with all the other UT fans making the sorrowful journey home. Well we can hope for next year's season. And let us not forget the happening UT Basketball team. Davey & I will be making the journey in January to a couple of games.
But for now... get in the spirit of Christmas!!!