Sunday, April 22, 2007

Davey's 1st sleepover

Davey's friend Cole spent the night on Saturday and to anyone who has ever had two toddler boys play till late- I understand your pain! There was no time for pictures, however, they were treated to pizza, watched the movie Happy Feet, and enjoyed a clean but water-logged bath together. They played hard and we even put up our tent to play in (thanks Uncle Ed). I was hopefully preparing Davey for our upcoming Camping Adventure.
They laughed, cried, and slept hard! And Mommy will need several days to recover the house and her mind!
Just another adventure in the life of Davey!

The 1st Game!

So Davey missed his 1st game b/c we were out of town. So this was his first game and the team's 2nd. It brought tears to my eyes to see those tiny tots out there chasing after the ball and running the bases. Davey did well batting and enjoyed playing the game. He did spend a little time in the outfield digging in the dirt and looking up at the clouds... but for the most part- the game was a winner!

The rest of the story....

Monday, April 16, 2007

Dancin' Machine

French Quarter Fest All Over Again!

It has come and gone... another French Quarter Festival. We fit as much as possible into 4 days of fun in the sun, rain, and wind. Davey sported quite a few looks... his newest being his Capt. Jack Sparrow headress, which he wore constantly. But we had fun, ate good food, danced, played hard and shopped. We did take in quite a few sites, such as taking the ferry to Algiers, across the river from New Orleans. We also took an extended (2 hour) street car ride downtown- b/c you know it's still all about trains!
Davey did take some dance lessons from his Lou & Poppy this trip, and may I say did very well. Next year, he'll be teaching us! A well needed vacation for us both and a wonderful time with our "pam-i-lee"!

Thursday, April 05, 2007

I think we have an ALL-STAR

The 1st practice was hectic, the 2nd practice was more controlled! Davey took great interest in doing the stretches, batting and seemed to really enjoy getting in the dirt! He did however give us quite a show in the outfield (running in a circle and fake falling with his friend Cole)! Here's the picture of most of the team, some were out for Spring Break and others wouldn't sit down! Davey branched out and met new kids and talked quite a bit. We are working on running the bases for his 1st game on April 21st! Let me know and I'll try and get some tickets to see the best tee-baller ever! HA HA