Monday, October 29, 2007

Pumpkin Train- the Replay

Well, the time has come again! It was the weekend to head up to Blue Ridge, GA with our friends Kim & Cole and ride the pumpkin train. A definitely fun adventure with a little twist this year. They are 4-year old boys not 3-year olds. Why does 1 year make a difference? Well not to them. Only to to the Mom's who felt haggard and frustrated at the constant running, arguing and reprimanding needing to be done. But in the end we all realized it was worth the fun day trip to visit a pumpkin patch and pick us a good one. The friendships and memories were great and the pumpkins were big!

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Build-a-bear fun!

Davey was invited to a build-a-bear birthday party for a Caden, the 2 year old of one of my Vitamin Reps. Davey had a blast playing with all the new children and of so many different ages. That's a super cool idea for a birthday party. And every child gets a treat!

Saturday, October 20, 2007

More Zoo pics

The Dress Rehersal

OK- here he is... Cptn. Jack Sparrow recreated! The attitude Davey carries when he has the outfit on is what makes it! Boo in the Zoo in Atlanta was this weekend and our buddies Kim and Cole went to hang out with some of the animals and quite a few characters. We had a great time in the crowds of people, and they had many activities for the kids. Davey seemed a little confused at first because it wasn't Halloween. I told him that this was a dress rehersal for his Cptn. Jack costume and then we could tweek it for the big day! BOO!

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Be still...look at the over here... Daveyyyyyy!!!

Ladies, relish the young toddler who you can still catch... because the age of 4 is like battling an giant squid to get a picture.

And for those of you that have boys... let me explain that every event, trip, and outing turns into a running fest, wrestling match or stunt fall! And yes, my child was once the sweet tot who could do no wrong, and look completely adorable with eyes bright! It happens in the middle of the 3rd year- so let's just say I did warn you!
So we did the pumpkin patch this past week. They had a huge variety to choose from and my intention was to let Davey pick our Great Pumpkin! However the big giant mound of hay, in which he must have jumped into over a dozen times, kept his attention- so Mom picked a good one! And some funky gords for decorating. It really does get you in the spirit of Fall!

Monday, October 15, 2007

Thursday, October 04, 2007

The BIG Present!

Last year this time it was Thomas train (well, it's still kinda Thomas & his Friends)... However a new activity now occupies more time-
Picked out by Davey for Davey and provided by Lou & Poppy, this bike is now the object of affection, discussion, and focus in this 4-year old's life! Any opportunity given- this bike will outshine all other activities. He is a good rider and has learned to brake quickly. We did have a minor fall with no boo-boos which was mostly a balancing act or lack there of. We're off to the races!

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Calling all PIRATES in Knoxville

It wouldn't be a Davey birthday without 2 parties! The Knoxville group spent some good quality time with their pirate friends from Atlanta!

The treasure was ready to be dug, the cake-a-eaten, and the memories made. This year was especially cool because we had toddler and infant pirates on deck. Thanks to a cool theme and wonderful aunts and friends- our Captain Davey turned 4 twice in 2 days.

The Pirate Gallery Pictures

Pirates on the Deck... Captain Davey is 4

Well, it has finally happend me hartys... Captain Davey has turned 4 !!! And what fun parties they were. The Atlanta bash was a month in planning and went off without any cannons blown. Aunts, family and friends joined us for a rockin good time with lots of eats, drinks, and merry good times! Davey's friends joined him in sword fighting, treasure digging and candle blowing. And even Captain Jack showed up at the end in partial costume.
My little pirate is growing up and I'm riding the waves along side his magical voyage!