Monday, October 30, 2006

Pumpkin Picking

We changed up our usual traditions this year and bypassed our old pumpkin patch to ride the BlueRidge Railroad. The special "pumpkin train" was 1 hour long and we invited our friends Kim & Cole to come with us. We had a picnic lunch on a glorious day in the town of Blue Ridge, and then set out on the train that took us to find us a good pumpkin in a huge field. Davey found 2 or 3 good ones before we decided on a slightly disfigured pumpkin that Davey almost dropped and squashed. We had a great time and found a new tradition with great friends!

Happy Halloween!

The Blue Ridge Railroad Posted by Picasa

Waiting for a train. Posted by Picasa

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Tuesday, October 24, 2006

"Paging Mr. Cash....."

Ok- so maybe letting Davey watch Walk the Line (Johnny Cash's movie) with me one night, might have been the start of something. After seeing the movie, I was driven to buy the soundtrack which is now the only music allowed to be played in our car says Davey. I catch him strumming his pretend guitar and his loud bellowing of "Ring of Fire"- will make you laugh hysterically. He provides hours of entertainment and has memorized quite a few of the songs. He refers to them as "his song..." and then will give me a few lyrics to determine what he wants played. I ordered the Folsom Prison Recording so hopefully we will soon have some new material. I'll try and get a recording from "Toddler Cash" for everyone to hear but in the meantime- he'll keep "walk the line"!

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Monday, October 09, 2006

"Davey's been working on the railroad..."

If you would have told me 3 years ago that my child would LOVE trains, I might have laughed at you- but this train thing is for real. So as a good Mommy- I make sure that I feed the need. Davey, my Mom and I went to Baltimore for a trade show and of course there is the B&O railroad museum that my child must visit.
What amazed me, and seemed not to effect Davey in the slightest, was the sheer size and magnitude of these trains. Davey walked around saying, "Mommy, check this out!", and "Wow, Mommy, come see this!"
We spent several hours there inspecting the trains and trying to determine our favorite one. It was a wet and cold day so no train rides, but you would never have known he missed out. He was so excited to be around trains and watched them intently telling me this one looked like Thomas, and this one is like Percy. I love to watch his mind working and taking it all in. We had a good rest of the trip visiting the Inner Harbor area and of course the trade show was fun. But the memories were made on the Railroad.

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Davey turns 3

Davey turns 3, and what a party. Over the past year Davey and I have met several kids his age and they were all invited to the "party". They had fun playing with his Thomas Trains and the other toys in the playland called his room. He was so excited to have friends over, he could have cared less about a birthday- until it came time to the presents. That part was much different than last year. He ripped into trains, art supplies, books, muscial toys, and much more. Thanks to everybody that came and enjoyed a fun and busy evening of celebrating my little sweet pea!

UT Football spans generations

This is actually Davey's 2nd Tennessee Homecoming Football game- (but he slept thru 1/2 of the game last year) so this is the first game of interest. What a game- pouring rain and we only stayed till half-time but of course he was with his "Poppy" and that made it better. We had a game day pretzel and I even broke down and purchased some M&M's b/c another little boy had some. We clapped, sang Rocky Top, and Davey had his first look thru binoclures. WOW was that a COOL thing. He spent most of the time with those and then it was time to head home. Maybe next year he can learn the meaning of "tailgating"!