Sunday, August 31, 2008

Rewind- back to July

When Davey spent the week with his Lou & Poppy back in July- or was it June? He became an official "tuber". To those that have ever spent time in the mountain waters of Townsend, TN or in this case Cherokee, NC- you will know that the art of tubing is not for the weak. When that current takes a hold of you, there may be no stopping. And do not take the wrong route and go down the falls... Ahhhhhh!

But I knew he would have fun and his Lou & Poppy were more protective then I would have been. Love those purple water wings- they were a fill in for his ones at home!

Happy Tubing everybody!

Monday, August 18, 2008

A Camping we will go!

Another fun adventure in the life of Davey! This trip took us camping to Red Top Mountain State Park near Cartersville. Only 45 min from Atlanta, and you feel as though you've entered another world.

We had a super fun Mommy and Davey weekend camping out in our tent, swimming in the lake, and taking nature hikes. Oh, let me not forget Davey's favorite part which had to do mostly with the campfire and smores. It was alot of fun and our primary focus was spending some well needed alone time to laugh and make memories. In fact spending time with my 4 year old son, is by far the most rewarding and best part of my day.

The Ants go marching one by one....

Friday, August 08, 2008

Whatever happen to Under-roos?

FOUND THEM! Came across these at JC Penney, and even though they are not that strange poly blend of the 80's (thank goodness)... they serve the same purpose to make the average child into a SUPERHERO! In fact Davey loves these so much, that he does not want to take them off! He wears them thru 98 degree heat and takes them off for bath time only to put them on again after the bath (ick). The best part is the running through the house, arms wide just like "the man" himself. What would be supercool is if I could find pictures of Mommy in her WonderWoman under-roos. Then we could compare outfits. Attention Lou... find me a picture please!!!
UP...Up... and AWAY!!!!!

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

We love a parade!

As president of our Homeowners Association, we planned to have a community party on the National Night Out for neighborhoods. Our subdivision had a bar-b-q and there was a fun parade organized by our local neighborhood.
As we sat waiting for the parade to pass by and not to mention drenched in sweat from the record hot day, I realized this wasn't Davey's 1st parade. Last summer he saw his 1st Mickey parade at Disneyworld. This one was however, a more traditional community activity, no fabulous show and no costumed creatures.

There were clowns (nothing scarier than a clown) and several bands and parade officials. Davey enjoyed the music and the sites. He loved the police cars and firetrucks. But his favorite thing was the car throwing candy and his lucky catch was a purple tootsie pop. I knew braving the heat and dehydration on a hot summer night was worth it when my boy caught the lollipop of his choice. He smiled ear to ear. Nothing fancy, just a fun activity- that didn't get rained out!