Tuesday, August 05, 2008

We love a parade!

As president of our Homeowners Association, we planned to have a community party on the National Night Out for neighborhoods. Our subdivision had a bar-b-q and there was a fun parade organized by our local neighborhood.
As we sat waiting for the parade to pass by and not to mention drenched in sweat from the record hot day, I realized this wasn't Davey's 1st parade. Last summer he saw his 1st Mickey parade at Disneyworld. This one was however, a more traditional community activity, no fabulous show and no costumed creatures.

There were clowns (nothing scarier than a clown) and several bands and parade officials. Davey enjoyed the music and the sites. He loved the police cars and firetrucks. But his favorite thing was the car throwing candy and his lucky catch was a purple tootsie pop. I knew braving the heat and dehydration on a hot summer night was worth it when my boy caught the lollipop of his choice. He smiled ear to ear. Nothing fancy, just a fun activity- that didn't get rained out!

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Nicole said...

You're president of the Homeowners Assoc? WOW!! Miss you! You coming for any games? Lee & Tiff will be here for Florida. We'll be partying at the house, with lots of kids. Come play!