Friday, April 30, 2010

Camping with Mom

With a beautiful Spring and a not-so-hot summer, yet... we decided to head out camping for Mom's Birthday weekend. Check out the new tent (1st time use)! It was also Davey's 1st horseback riding trip. We found Roosevelt State Park in Pine Mountain, GA that offered horseback riding and nice campsites. He stayed on the horse Cowboy, (which he couldn't remember the name, so it became a game where I would say Dallas.. & he filled in with Cowboy) , but Mom in the back was having an anxiety attack with every trot & run! Davey was fearless and begged to do it again! Maybe in the Fall-

Friday, April 16, 2010

French Quater Fest... Again

Better get use to these festival blogs, b/c they will keep on coming. This was Davey's 4th, maybe 5th FQFest & was it fun! We started out the week with a trip to Biloxi, MS (pictures of children gambling are illegal), haha so no pics from there, but New Orleans was busy and happening. The music was rocking and Davey's at an age where he finds it fun to watch the people & dance. The Festival had a children's area down by the river and Davey was excited to play the games and with the other children.
We did have an afternoon of dancing (thank goodness there
are no pics of that... but there may have been something in the kool-ade that day! Wait till he really understands why we go down there! Bourbon St. watch out!