Monday, January 21, 2008

Just a little bit of snow!

Can't begin to tell you how many times over the past month I have begged, pleaded, yes- even prayed for snow. Just one day of snow, you know, the kind where you don't have to go to work the next day. Well Atlanta finally got it....however Davey & I were in Knoxville spending time with Lou & Poppy and also for Nicole's diaper party. So we were left with just a little bit of snow (in our neighbor's yard!)when we got back.
Of course, according to Davey's list of what to do when it snowed.. it wasn't quite enough to build a snowman, definitely not enough for a snow angel, and well the snowball fight didn't quite happen either- but we did have a great time stomping around and making tracks in it!! Now I'll just start asking for 1 more SNOW!! And this time just maybe I will get a day out of work!!!

Monday, January 07, 2008

I Love You Little Boy

Happy New Year- Chinese style!

Well, another good year is upon us! Davey & I celebrated with friends on the Eve and he even got to stay up till 12:15am! How he made it that late, I'll never know? He prided himself on learning Happy New Year and proceeded to say it at all the right times over and over again!
On the 4th of January we took Davey's Nanny, Lola, to the Chinese New Year Show. It was a series of performances that told stories about the many ages and cultures of China. Lola is 1/2 Chinese and 1/2 Phillipeno so she loved it. She even encouraged a 4-year old to sit through 2 hours of performance (oh well the bag of m&m's helped too)!!
The New Year has started off to a good one and we've got lot's of activities planned! Wait and see!