Sunday, September 02, 2007

Here he is!

Officially introducing..... Capt. Jack Sparrow Walker Guinea Pig. We are working on shortening the name! Why a guinea pig? Nesting instinct= guinea pig.

The truth is we hamster-sat for some friends for about 2 weeks and after seeing how Davey was so gentle and interested in taking care of a small pet. I contacted a guinea pig rescue in Florida and while visiting my Grandmother in Ocala we slipped over to Leesburg and picked him up. Davey & I have become extremely fond of our new little guy, and the cats are warming up to the idea!

He makes lots of noises and he is extremely nutrition oriented with lots of veggies and fruits! So far there have been no escape attempts or episodes of any kind... but we will keep you updated!

Squeak squeak!!