Friday, May 29, 2009

Memorial Day Fun

Another fun Holiday Weekend has come and gone. Davey & I spent time with his Cousin Carson and his mom MaryLynn in Clemson, SC. Davey & Carson play so well together and have very similar temperments so MaryLynn and I try to get them together as often as possible. The weekend was unfortunately full of rainy days, but there is alot of fun to be had indoors with two 5-year old imaginations! We cooked out, played around the lake, and even had a few sparklers to commemerate the holiday.
Having a 5-day weekend with my little boy was the best!

Friday, May 15, 2009

Blog? What?

Who has time? Between work, play & facebook... there really is no time for the Blog.

Davey & I are planning on a fun summer. Our rainy Spring has cut many of our fun outings short, but we have had the opportunity to spend alot of quality time together.
I am watching a little boy making a huge transition from the "age 5" mindset to "age 6". He is getting older and acting older! His opinions are changing, he speaks his mind more often, and he is quite the negotiator lately. Next thing you know, he'll not want to hold my hand in public!! Davey is all about the superheros lately. And even though he watches minimal T.V., he is able to recite many of the Cartoon Network commercials? If he does this well with repetition in school, we can hope for good grades!