Saturday, July 19, 2008

Summer Fun...well, sort of

OK, so you haven't really heard the fun adventures of Jen & Davey this summer... well there haven't been that many. It seems that every time we try and set up a fun activity it rains or better yet... lightining and thunder storms.
On this particular evening, we were set to go a-movie-in-the-park to see "the Goonies" with our friends Kim & Cole. But, about 20 minutes before showtime- BAAAAMM! WASHOOOOO! BAAAAMMMM! These were Davey's sounds exactly as the storm closed over us!
So- no movie in the park for us. Just a trip to the movie store and then the movie in the comfort of your house with popcorn included. Maybe another day.

Sunday, July 06, 2008

4th of July Sparkler

Another 4th of July has given us a great reason to relax for a day or two. We did have a chance to take in some pool time at our friend Kim's, friend's neighborhood pool. It was around-a-bout way to get a day of fun in the sun, but the slide and adult swim times made me a believer on imposing on friends. They had actually laid it out nicely with games for the kids and a giant buffet of festive foods. And did I mention the best part was that it was mostly young or mid-aged couples with kids- and they were in need of beverages too! What more could you ask for? A bigger supply of Mojhito's maybe?

Then it was onto our own little feast of every type of July 4th food one could ask for. Kim & I invited several friends and neighbors and had a fun time. Most of my time was spent on the grill and Kim's was in the kitchen. However the drinks were flowing and food was tasty. Davey had fun with Cole and Micha. They ran, swang, played and ran some more. We did not venture out for fireworks, but instead opted for some sparklers and watching the neighborhood skies. Wish we had just a few more fun days like this in summertime!