Saturday, August 26, 2006

Davey's Fiesta

We went to Florida for Davey's GreatGrandmother's 88th birthday. My Aunt had decided it would be a fiesta themed party complete with the drunk hispanic gentleman in the corner! HA HA
Davey had a ball. He really enjoys our family. He played with his 2nd cousin Kirby- just as I had played with him when he was a little boy- Kirby is now 18.
He was sad when we left GaGa's house and on the trip back asked "when we come back?"
I know he storing these wonderful memories... like the ones I have from my childhood around this incredible family.

Saturday, August 12, 2006

Davey at the Nut

If I could choose to be a stay at home Mom, I would in a heartbeat. And it always bothers me when I have to take Davey to Nuts N Berries b/c I know that he would prefer to be scampering somewhere else. But the other night I put the computer on a website called
and let him at it. He can move the mouse well and was having a ball repeating the sounds, letters, and words. I had to remind him to "teetee" or I think he would have continued to hold it. He doesn't seem to mind the Health Food biz and I couldn't think of a "healthier" place for him to be!

Monday, August 07, 2006

The Fernbank Museum trip


I recieved to tickets to the Fernbank Museum's Chocolate Exhibit-"tasting Sunday". It was the key to get us there- but the activities and fun for the kids is what will keep me going back. They had a dinosaur exhibit that was awesome and several hands- on exhibits for kids. Davey was most interested in the "show-and-tell" rooms where they had snakes to look at. But he would not have touched it, even if he would have gotten close enough. He also enjoyed a nature room where he could use a fishing pole to hook a magnetic fish. He interacted well with the other children and commented on several children "acting bad". Go figure- ply them with a bunch chocolate and sweets, then see how anyone would react on a sugar high! A fun and yummy learning day!

Saturday, August 05, 2006


I am always amazed at the speed at which Davey retains new information. He seems to go 100 miles per hour- and I am racing to catch up. Someone cut me off in traffic the other day and a four letter word slipped out of my mouth. Davey said, "Mommy, don't say that. Say 'oh boy' instead." When he corrected me, I just smiled. The little things that come out of his mouth keep me ever minding of the books we read and the t.v. programs he watches.
I strive to be the an ever insightful and devoted parent.