Sunday, May 13, 2007


Davey Meets the Mouse

So if you ask Davey what was his favorite ride at DisneyWorld.... can you guess from the pictures? you guessed correct... we could have just ridden Pirates of the Carribean all day long and been perfectly happy!!

I had forgotten how wonderful it was to go to Disneyworld and to experience it from the eyes of a child, it was an adventure not to be rivaled. We had a blast riding the rides, eating the foods, taking in the sites- and above all just being in that magical place! The weather was great and the lines were short. Davey's eyes were wide until about 2pm when the excitement finally overtook him and he napped upright in his stroller for just about an hour (and boy did Mommy & Lou get to shop)! After the nap it was back to the rides, excitement, and the Mickey Mouse shaped rice crispy treat! It was the perfect age to take our little Mouse Lover and wonderful memories for his life and ours. Thank goodness for pictures.

Davey meets the Mouse Part Deux

Sunday, May 06, 2007

The Camping Adventure

Davey officially made his debut as the camping toddler! Along with our friends Cadence and his Mom, Amanda- we ventured to Ft. Yargo State Park near Lawrencville, Georgia. We did everything required of a camper... set up the tent, roasted turkey dogs on the campfire, took a hike to the lake, slept in a tent, and of course Davey will tell you his favorite part was the marshmallows. Davey did manage to fall onto an ant hill, but fortunately came away with only 2 bites! The adventure was fun and now that we are "seasoned veterans" we will now make a yearly trip of it!

The Camping Adventure continues...