Friday, August 08, 2008

Whatever happen to Under-roos?

FOUND THEM! Came across these at JC Penney, and even though they are not that strange poly blend of the 80's (thank goodness)... they serve the same purpose to make the average child into a SUPERHERO! In fact Davey loves these so much, that he does not want to take them off! He wears them thru 98 degree heat and takes them off for bath time only to put them on again after the bath (ick). The best part is the running through the house, arms wide just like "the man" himself. What would be supercool is if I could find pictures of Mommy in her WonderWoman under-roos. Then we could compare outfits. Attention Lou... find me a picture please!!!
UP...Up... and AWAY!!!!!

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