Monday, October 09, 2006

"Davey's been working on the railroad..."

If you would have told me 3 years ago that my child would LOVE trains, I might have laughed at you- but this train thing is for real. So as a good Mommy- I make sure that I feed the need. Davey, my Mom and I went to Baltimore for a trade show and of course there is the B&O railroad museum that my child must visit.
What amazed me, and seemed not to effect Davey in the slightest, was the sheer size and magnitude of these trains. Davey walked around saying, "Mommy, check this out!", and "Wow, Mommy, come see this!"
We spent several hours there inspecting the trains and trying to determine our favorite one. It was a wet and cold day so no train rides, but you would never have known he missed out. He was so excited to be around trains and watched them intently telling me this one looked like Thomas, and this one is like Percy. I love to watch his mind working and taking it all in. We had a good rest of the trip visiting the Inner Harbor area and of course the trade show was fun. But the memories were made on the Railroad.

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