Tuesday, October 24, 2006

"Paging Mr. Cash....."

Ok- so maybe letting Davey watch Walk the Line (Johnny Cash's movie) with me one night, might have been the start of something. After seeing the movie, I was driven to buy the soundtrack which is now the only music allowed to be played in our car says Davey. I catch him strumming his pretend guitar and his loud bellowing of "Ring of Fire"- will make you laugh hysterically. He provides hours of entertainment and has memorized quite a few of the songs. He refers to them as "his song..." and then will give me a few lyrics to determine what he wants played. I ordered the Folsom Prison Recording so hopefully we will soon have some new material. I'll try and get a recording from "Toddler Cash" for everyone to hear but in the meantime- he'll keep "walk the line"!

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