Thursday, October 18, 2007

Be still...look at the over here... Daveyyyyyy!!!

Ladies, relish the young toddler who you can still catch... because the age of 4 is like battling an giant squid to get a picture.

And for those of you that have boys... let me explain that every event, trip, and outing turns into a running fest, wrestling match or stunt fall! And yes, my child was once the sweet tot who could do no wrong, and look completely adorable with eyes bright! It happens in the middle of the 3rd year- so let's just say I did warn you!
So we did the pumpkin patch this past week. They had a huge variety to choose from and my intention was to let Davey pick our Great Pumpkin! However the big giant mound of hay, in which he must have jumped into over a dozen times, kept his attention- so Mom picked a good one! And some funky gords for decorating. It really does get you in the spirit of Fall!

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