Saturday, March 28, 2009

It's not just a phase

This is the part of the child-rearing in which the Mom has to say- wait just a minute....
All of a sudden his pants are too short, his shirts are too small, his mouth is forever going, and to be honest... it's going way too fast. I mean one day it's Thomas train and Bob the Builder- the next it's bakugons and Ben 10 alien force!
Maybe as a girl I made a giant switch from Cabbage Patch Kids to Barbies around this age? And don't get me wrong- I'm thrilled with Davey's mental capability, his spirutal growth and physical development (all signs of a healthy, well-adjusted child)- it just seems that my 5 year old is turning into a teen-ager over night.
Lately I hear, "I know Mom, I know." Well if you knew, then why did I even have to say it?
OH OH, yeah, and when did I become MOM? I thought I would be MOMMY forever. I'm just telling you ladies out there with small boys... I'm entering a whole new zone of raising a man. Time to plan, do, check, and adjust.

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