Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Anouncing.....MR. JOHNNY CASH

If you were in the crowd that fateful evening, you knew from the moment he stepped on stage with that guitar...a star was born. As Davey's Grandma says, "there will never be another present to rival this one!". Davey- oh excuse me, Mr. Cash rocked the living room in Ocala, Florida and after completing his performance- took a complimentary bow and said "thank you bery much"! When I tell people that my child likes Johnny Cash, I think they misunderstand that the child has copied the moves, the motions, the mouth movement and every aspect of Johnny Cash (aka Joaquin Phoenix). He gave several other performances after the inital but he seemed more focused on the microphone and getting the words right. He is an intense little man and brought the crowd to tears with laughter and amazement, and his Mommy has never been more proud!

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Nicole said...

That is WAY too cute!! I can't wait to see him perform live!