Saturday, December 09, 2006

Davey's Train ride in Knoxville

When I tell you my child can spot a train miles away, I wasn't exaggarting. His talent has become so good, he can now find trains in other states!

We headed to Knoxville to spend time with friends and family and on a trip to Knoxville Center, Davey & his Poppy came upon a train. I loved watching my Father wave at him as he passed us each time and Davey couldn't have been more thrilled to have an audience for his short journey aboard the railway!

We also spent time with our good friends, Nicole and Miles- even though there are no pictures to show for it? (where were our cameras?) But they played well together and I think Davey enjoyed being the older kid. He told me liked "showing Miles how to play", as if he wouldn't know how!
For everybody we did not get to see, we'll be back in January.

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