Wednesday, November 01, 2006

"Ayeeee Pirate"

As your child gets older- Halloween becomes more fun for the parents. All the excitement of choosing a costume and watching the child play the roll takes you back to your youth!
This year we stretched our sea legs and sailed the high streets as a pirate! By the 2nd house Davey knew the routine- look cute, say trick-or-treat, get the booty. He actually caught on so fast that when a house only let you choose 1 piece of candy- Davey stood a moment as if questioning, "where's my other piece?". As we left each house we checked out the elaborate decorations and Davey would "ohh and awe" and comment on "how scary!".
My favorite comment he made was, "is that ske-le-ton wrelly weal?"
Each year gets better and we get more creative. I got the memories out of the deal, Davey got the candy.

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