Friday, November 24, 2006

Thanksgiving Train?

Like many other shoppers, we ventured out to hit some before holiday sales. Davey went along with the understanding that there would be some sort of fun involved. Just to dispel rumors- my child can spot a train 100 miles away. We visited a different mall and low and behold; Davey found the train circling the Santa picture area within 10 minutes of being there. I think he heard the click clack of the tracks from the parking lot! After a couple of times around the track with a few other kids, he was happy he came shopping with us.

Our thanksgiving was a festive and fun time with family and friends. Davey's Nanny and Godmother came over and had lunch with Lou & Poppy, Davey & myself. He wasn't too interested in eating at that moment... but he enjoyed the company and took the opportunity to perform a few of his Johnny Cash Favorites- complete with sunglasses and microphone! Happy Thanksgiving my long-legged, guitar-pickin' baby!

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