Monday, March 19, 2007

The Gorilla Encounter

Just another fun day at the zoo... so we thought. It was a beautiful day and we needed to catch a nature walk. The zoo was bustling with activity because many others had the same idea, and we spent more time watching the animals and interacting with them. So we make our way to the Gorilla habitat and there was a flurry of activity. The Mommy Gorillas were out with their babies (Atlanta has 3 new baby gorillas- ) and we were watching the playtime activities. Well, Davey was right up against the glass barrier watching, and a baby-less Girl gorilla came closer and closer to the glass. Next thing we knew, she was face to face with Davey and he was a little nervous. The Gorilla touched the glass and was attempting to take Davey's Bunny from him. I think she was lonely and needed a baby! Davey was excited but was ready to leave when the Gorilla was up close and personal. We waved goodbye and he talked about it the rest of the day. He told me, "the gorilla was bery big and he could not have his bunny!" Maybe another reason to leave bunny in the car next time! So we took a picture to commemorate our Gorilla encounter.

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