Saturday, June 02, 2007

Behold! The Merry Men!

We've watched the Atlanta Renaissance Festival come and go for many years. But this year we stepped back in time and went with our friends Kim & Cole for a merry good time! With many Kings, Queens, and locals in costumes, there was quite a lot to see. They were adding pirates to the mix along side the knights and wenches (due to their growing popularity), which suited Davey just fine! As he was dressed in his Jack Sparrow costume a good portion of the day! We walked, ate, rode the rides, and then ate some more! The acrobats and Joust by far were the most entertaining. The boys seemed to really like it, and Davey was thrilled after he found his painted wooden sword. Definitely a fun time and worth making a ritual. Any takers for next year?

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Nicole said...

What, you didn't want to ride the rocking pirate ship with Davey? :)