Sunday, August 26, 2007

aRRRGGHHH- A pirate party for me....

Some families are proper, dull, and no fun! However, Davey's extended family is far from boring. Davey's Great-Grandma turned 89 this past Saturday and my Aunt Janice (aka Captain Hook) decided there should be a theme to the madness. Davey could not have been happier that she choose mutiny on the high seas! He was in his element and properly dressed (thanks Cptn. Jack Sparrow) for the festivities. He got the treasure, danced with the mates, and even sailed the seas in the pool later in his skull & crossbones underwear. The party was a great-success and Davey got to polish his skills for his Pirate Birthday party coming up in September and for Halloween. The year of the Pirate is upon us! Join us if ye dare!!!!

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Lori W. said...

How awesome!! You guys look so cute! Davey is adorable and is growing up way too fast. Hope you guys are doing well. I really miss you! Love, Lori
By the way, thanks for the b-day card for Aidan. He loved it and thought he was so special to get his very own card in the mail.