Saturday, March 29, 2008

The next greatest Soccer STAR!!!!

This is actually the 3rd game in their schedule, but the first game to be played because the others were rained out! And sure the first play of the game resulted in Davey getting hit in the eye and collapsing to the ground crying- and didn't go in for 15 minutes, but hey life ain't always easy! Once he was over the brutal punch to the eye (by his own teammate no less)... he seemed to really enjoy the running here, running there, and chasing after the other team- who monopalized the ball and ran every play. Actually the teams were so unmatched (keep in mind these kids are 4 & 5 years old) that the hispanic child (didn't catch his name and whom I'm sure had been playing soccer since exiting the womb) scored 7 times. I was sitting near his parents and he was complaining at the end of the game that he wanted to score 8 times.
WHAT? They don't even take score in this league! But the shocker was this little blond girl (bow in hair) on the other team, had the ball every play. I told Davey to stay clear of her- she was dangerous! He likes his team but knows none of their names and the idea of passing the ball is non-existent! Maybe that comes next year!

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