Monday, May 12, 2008

Happy Mother's Day

Found this great idea in one of the many parenting magazines to cut out letters and capture Davey holding the letters to spell LOU (Davey's Grandma) for Mom's Day. Turned out super cute and Lou was more than impressed. The best part is I got
some awesome shots of the boy I love and how priceless that they were in black & white. He did
well during the "photo
shoot" except for every
2 minutes he said is that it, is that it, is that it? NO- It's not!!
Maybe the bribe of ice cream and a romp at the park was not the best reward for being good. But we did have fun and Lou loved them!!
Mother's Day was not that exciting here. Church, lunch, and yard
work. Who could ask for more? Happy Day to all our Mom's out there. May your day
have been filled with Joy of your children and family love!

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