Saturday, November 22, 2008

A Spidey Halloween

Spiderman..da da.. Spiderman..da da.. does whatever a spider can.... Yes it's been almost 3 weeks since Halloween & we're still singing the Spidey song.
We tried something a little different this Halloween. Not only was Davey's Grandma (Lou) with us this year (1st time for her since Mommy was small), but we ventured out trick-or-treating in a great neighborhood belonging to one of my co-workers. There were tons of kids, and Davey was having a ball playing with new, fast friends. When it got dark enough, and cold enough- we set out. The advantage to Davey's first costume with a mask... total change from boy to SUPER HERO. The disadvantage to the first costume with a mask... the kid could not see where he was going. In fact, the first house we trick-or-treated he busted coming away from the door and smacked the pavement a good one! After the crying ended, he got back into the swing of things. He figured out that he could be Spiderman when he went to the door, and then pull his mask up on his forehead in between houses.
Lots of candy, and a good solid (not so painful) bruise on his cheek. Happy Halloween!

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