Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Offical induction into the...

Emergency Room Mom's Club! It went down like this:

The scene:Davey & I returned home on Monday nite and He & Cole immediately began a rambunctious evening routine. Fast forward 20 minutes to a loud "thud" and cry.

The injury: a deep cut 1 inch to the right of his right eye

The story told: Davey jumped from the dresser to the bed, bounced, rolled off, and hit the corner of a bookshelf.
Mom's reaction: Flew out of my slippers, pinned him to the bed while screaming, "WHAT DID YOU DO????"

The action: 10 minute summary that I could not fix it with a bottle of whiskey and some thread- took us to Children's Hospital of Atlanta.

The solution: 2 hour wait in the "non-sick" waiting room of a "dreaded" hospital , and the

Finale: 4 stitches from cat's intestines, and a super cool scar to show off.
Just another Monday Nite!!!

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Nicole said...

Was the whiskey for you or Davey? Just kidding. Sorry about his cut, hope if heals up well. Miss you!