Friday, January 02, 2009

Santa rides again...

The Jolly old St. Nick did it again- slipped in, left the gifts and slipped out just as fast, but leaving us some snowy footprints in his wake. (even in Florida, where it never snows) Davey tried super hard to stay up late (well around 9:30) but just couldn't make it to see the man. At 5, it sure is easy to convince him to get to bed or Santa might not visit, but who knows what it will be like when he's 10?

We had a very good Christmas in Florida. Enjoying our family and friends and of course the receiving of presents. Davey was lucky enough to get a Speed Racer Fuji Helixcon Track (see movie for details), and Santa must have spent more than 30-45 minutes figuring out how it went together, and he's pretty mechanically minded! But luckily he taught me how to take it apart for easy travel. Of course their were other presents, but none that rivaled the track & new car to go on it. Mommy got a GPS for her car. Had Santa known how cool Davey thought the GPS (aka, the little T.V.) was, he would have just brought that for the family? But at least Mommy will no longer get lost when she tries a new route in & around Atlanta.

Merry late Christmas

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Nicole said...

In the words of Keanu: WHOA.
Miles got his first car track from Mimi, but nothing as cool as that one!! Wow!