Monday, July 31, 2006

Davey's First Bike Ride

I entered a raffle at the tradeshow in Dallas, and won a mountain bike. Mind you, I haven't been on a bike in years. When I brought it home, Davey's excitement began. Well, this weekend was the time to put it together. Once it was intact, Davey was obsessed with when we would ride it. I researched different toddler devices and opted for the one that attaches directly to the bike. After the lengthy installation and triple checking every bolt and screw- he crawled up the bike and got strapped in. His Sesame Street helmet had to be the cutest part. We balanced well and b/c it was so late in the day- we rode around the neighborhood. He didn't stop smiling and talking. He would say, "Mommy wach out!" Already a little back seat driver! I expect this to be a very enjoyable activity for us both!

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