Monday, July 24, 2006

Fun time at the lake!

A family that comes into the Nut invited Davey & I to their lakehouse this weekend. We had a great time and Davey had some bonding with Stacey & Oliver Cooper. They are super generous and complimented Davey several times on his good behavior. He seemed to really enjoy getting away and the boats were his favorite. He had been on a pontoon boat- but not a speed boat. Couldn't tell if he liked it or not, but he wouldn't go out on the sea-doo with me- not the dare devil quite yet. He played with their dog, Buzz, and formed a like him/scared of him relationship thru the weekend. When we were leaving he started to cry and I asked him what was wrong. He said, "I miss buzz." I told him we would see him again. We were pirates seaching for a treasure on the lake, and found the best treasure, friendship, with the Coopers. (pictures to follow)

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