Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Whitewater again!

So the Season Pass to Six Flags Whitewater is again a summer hit! For $60 bucks, it pays for itself in 2 visits. It's Davey's and my way of having a pool around and not to mention the tons of kids to interact with. We took our friends Kim and Cole to the park on Saturday, and had a blast. Of course, she lost Cole for a few minutes in the water playland area, and then she had a panic attack in the wave pool and mowed down some teenagers with her tube on her way out, and then there were grown men having a splash contest in the lazy river, which drowned our children and made them cry. But other than what a fun day! HA HA- ok, so not our best day, but fun for Davey and I and 1 picture to show for it!

Good bye from the water bugs!

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