Friday, July 06, 2007

Family & the 4th

We had a fun 4th of July. Davey's Lou & Tia S. (aka- Grandma & Aunt) came into town and not only spent a couple of nights, but went with us to Whitewater. It was a georgous day full of sun and adventure on the high seas of the wave pool!

"Captain Davey navigated his crew through the rough waters. A feat not
seen since the like of Cpt. Jack Sparrow, his teacher. He kept the ship under
control and kept us afloat the length of the storm."

Ater the park there were many planned activities for us to do. I had choosen for us a fun local parade in Chamblee (where Davey played t-ball) and then a cook-out and fireworks- however, we were so worn out, we were no shows to the parade, went out to eat, an d watched the fireworks on TV.

Speaking of pirates... I have learned the best way to communicate with Davey is in pirate lingo and parables. Example: for some reason, and I do not know where he has learned it...but all of a sudden he is "scared" of everything, including his shadow. Some of this is to get a response from the adult in the room, I can see thru that, however some of it is a genuine feeling. I blame those sweet cartoons that put the characters thru all the emotions and teach them how to deal with it. All Davey seems to get is the emotion and he misses the how to deal with it part. Mommy's way to deal with this (without going mad that he is afraid of his food, the rug, his toothbrush) is I try and explain to him that pirates are not afraid- they are strong and secure. They don't have time to be scared when they're going to search for treasure or pilage and plunder. Well maybe we'll stick to the less violent aspects of piracy.
Maybe 3 is the age of afraid? I'm aiming for 4 to be the age of "I can do anything and everything!"
Westward Ho!

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