Monday, July 23, 2007

Arts & Crafts time in July

Atlanta has seen a very rainy and stormy July. There has been no time to go swimming and less time to play outside. So what is a Mommy to do? Oh it becomes "arts & craps" time, as Davey refers to it. We have taken some time to do reading games and counting lessons on the computer. We also rearranged Davey's room to allow for a craft area and eliminated some "baby toys" that we will sell in a garage sale coming up. It should be interesting to see how Davey handles watching other children buy his toys and take them away? Hopefully there will be no drama!

Davey's Lou & Poppy are coming in town this weekend to help us with the garage sale and spend some time with their favorite (and only) grandson! Davey is hoping to go to Toys R Us and show Lou & Poppy what he wants for his "Big Boy" birthday. A Thomas Train bicycle for toddlers. He saw it online and that is all he can seem to talk or think about. A rite of passage maybe, but it is a good way to keep him reminded to act nice when a tantrum is brewing. Man, what will I do in September when I can't use it as an act nice tool?

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