Sunday, August 05, 2007

Weekend of Fun

Some weekends there is nothing to do, but this weekend was a non-stop activity fest. It started on Friday, with a trip to the waterpark, probably our last for the season, and then a Friday nite ice cream date with my little man. Saturday Mommy had to work 8 hours, but don't think that stopped us from fun. After work we headed over to Stone Mountain to ride the train and catch the laser light show. Davey was up way late, but crashed on the way home.
After Church, it was onto the Braves Game with Matilda, Davey's nanny. On this super hot Sunday, we had pretty decent seats, saw a few innings and then headed up to the kids area and let Davey run the base, and again, and again, and... finally it started to sprinkle rain which allowed for no more running of the base! We headed home on the Braves shuttle and then the Marta!
So you think it's over.... oh no! There was a little temporary fair not far from our house and as we drive past it every morning, Davey points it out the rides and mentions that he "sure would like to go!" What's a mom to do? So with the last $4 in cash (without hitting the ATM, again) we ventured to the "circus" as Davey calls it, and he got 2 quick rides on rickety equipment- but he thought it was the best!
What a weekend. Exhausted comes to mind, but a continuous smile on my little boy's face is worth it!

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