Saturday, June 14, 2008 grandmother's house I go

When your child is young you want every minute of every day. However, when your child is 4, you realize you need Mommy time. Davey headed off to Knoxville for a fun-filled week with his Lou & Poppy. And fun it was... not only did he have the pleasure of attending business meetings with his Poppy, he also got the experience of researching land contracts at the county courthouse. WAHOO! Beat that Adventure!
But the true fun of the week was the trek up to Cherokee, NC and the stay at Harrah's casino. Bummer that children are not allowed to gamble, but the pool was were they took refuge. Lou said Davey was so waterlogged he was swimming in his sleep. The next day it was off to the river to ride his tube on some rapids. And all this without Mommy at his side! But great times with his grandparents and wonderful memories to look back on.
Pictures to follow as soon as Lou can figure out how to download!

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