Tuesday, June 24, 2008

We are now the proud parents of....


Yes, it's just what I have always wanted. Along with 2 jealous cats, a overweight guinea pig, and a lasckluster fish we are slowly becoming overwhelmed with creatures. Davey's sitter Carla has been filling in while his nanny, Matilda, has been out of the country for the past month. Carla and Davey go on fun adventures around Atlanta. They ride the MARTA train and the bus lines, walk to the park, visit the museums and hang out at the library.
On one particular day, they caught tadpoles in a stream in a few mason jars. They came home and implemented a tad pole pool in our back yard. They are actually cute little things, however my concern is that tadpoles grow into frogs... and Jen doesn't like frogs.
So as these little tadpoles are eating oven-dried lettuce and growing very fast- Davey is on constant tadpole watch. He wakes up in the morning immediately wanting to check on them and then tells them good nite before we head up to bed. Carla has taken charge of the tadpole care and has promised that I will not have masses of frogs attacking me when I walk onto my patio. Most of them will have to be re-transplanted back to the pond when they get older because we have no water near us. But you never know, we may keep 1 or 2.
Farewell from the Walker Zoo.

*The tadpoles are camera shy, so no pics yet*

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