Wednesday, September 10, 2008

We love our Florida Family

Davey's Great Grandma turned 90 this past weekend and the whole family gathered together in Ocala, Florida to give her a great party. The only problem is... what do you give a person that has everything, and asks for nothing?

So her 4 children and grandchildren spent time re-landscaping her yard. Davey threw himself into helping out anywhere he could. He said his favorite part was playing with the hose. Well, what 4 year old doesn't enjoy playing in the water?? But we had a fun and productive morning and by afternoon- we were ready for the party.
I have watched Davey thrive around our family in Florida with every visit we make. And even though he is the only young child, he does enjoy hammin' it up for all to see. I love that he is seeing 3 generations of Belks and learning family ways, jokes, and memories!

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