Friday, September 19, 2008

Alone Time

Our friends Kim & Cole moved in with us two weeks ago to help in the sharing of finances during this negative economic period.
It is crazy having two 5-year olds in the house. It is true that Davey & I stay so busy that we only see them in the evenings and on weekends, but it is different in the amount of toys that 1 child has verses 2!
Davey & I escaped to the park one day to spend some one-on-one time and relax on not-to-hot day. The park is near a small air field and the kids get to watch the planes take off and land. When Davey was younger it was exciting, now the ear damaging noise and toxic jet fumes make it a "once in a while" park to visit.
Davey & I are excited to have our friends so close, and Kim & I have a new respect for live-in babysitters!!
More adventures to come!

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